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Posted on October 08 2020

Getting a blowout done feels like a day at a spa. You get your hair washed, most times massaged and then relax for approximately 45 minutes to finally, see yourself more beautiful than ever in the mirror with a renewed silky, shiny and vibrant-with-movement hair.

The minute you flirt with yourself you start to wonder: "OMG, how can I keep this forever?". Even though we absolutely want that as well, it is an impossibility… nevertheless what we CAN do for you, is to provide the best tips so you can make sure your blowout lasts longer to make every penny count, especially if you have blown out your hair yourself!


Prepping your hair before the blowout is the most important step. The shampoos, conditioners, and masks you choose have a vital role. It is all about the right products! Luckily for you, our EMPOWERING BLOWOUT SPRAY is simply the best ally to have at hand.

  • Before starting and with your hair still wet, simply spray the product and then begin to blow-dry.
  • Remember to split your hair into small sections, taking your time.
  • Preferably use a round brush. Also,
  • Do not forget to flip your hair over to get done those more difficult areas.

Our formula contains keratin, collagen, and stem-cell peptides that provide moisture, a protective barrier for your hair, and eliminate frizz, not to mention it reduces the time of the blow-dry process in half!

If you forgot to apply the spray onto wet hair, do not worry, our formula works on dry hair as well (this makes it perfect for a quick fix).


  • Refresh your roots with dry shampoo and lightly blow dry your hair with a blow dryer.
  • Sleep with your hair in a loose and messy bun, using a tie that does not crease or damage it.
  • If you feel your hair is flat, try popping some hot velcro rollers on top, just like the old days! A classic trick that never disappoints to add form and volume.


  • Spray onto clean, wet hair and blow dry to eliminate frizz.
  • Spray into dry hair for a quick fix and extra shine.
  • Style as usual. Do not rinse.

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