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The Science Behind The Brand!

DAMANCI® continuously researches and studies the aging process with great tenacity, persistence and success. Through this process, the company has discovered two “little miracles”: The Keratin Ultimate System and the Stem Cell Peptide. DAMANCI calls its double-action formula ULTIMATE COMPLEX TECHNOLOGY.


How The Ultimate Complex Works

ULTIMATE COMPLEX produces the ideal micro-environment for the optimal development of cell renewal on the scalp, keeping hair follicles clean and open, allowing for thicker roots and healthier growth. As a result, they can better develop, supply and organize nutrients.

The stem cell peptides are transported by a liposome transport system to the high-home stem cells and support their activity. They reproduce and develop fresh new cells. Thanks to ULTIMATE COMPLEX TECHNOLOGY, these new cells can also develop the potential of self-renewal of the stem cells, which are simultaneously protected. It also stimulates nutrients in the hair follicles and may help slow the graying process as well as incite hair growth.

ULTIMATE COMPLEX is rich in anti-oxidant vitamins, keratin, proteins, collagen, natural oils, and is formulated Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free and Salt-Free.


What The Ultimate Complex Does

This double-action revolution is an effective, strong, lustrous, and all-natural system solution. It empowers your own hair to help defy signs of aging, while repairing and replenishing moisture to bring back beautiful, healthy and younger-looking hair.

Our empowerment-positive, clinically-tested complex produces younger-looking hair and ensures its longevity. The results are instant, with the following effects: incredible softness, elasticity, brightness and vitality while leaving the hair silky smooth.

Our exclusive formula has the perfect balance that improves the strength of your hair, while preventing further damage. It protects against extreme elements such as: pollution, humidity, UV rays, and saltwater. ULTIMATE COMPLEX is designed to empower your hair by changing its molecular structure from the inner core and out, thereby improving the manageability of all types of hair.